New round seperator

Van Borselen Filters introduces the all new HX series round seperator. A machine that exceeds all competitior units operational performance characteristics.
New round seperator

The new HX Series is devolopped using the latest technology, making it one of the best machines avaialble today.
During the design phase, the unit was extensively evaluated for performance and structural integrity before the first piece of the unit was ever fabricated.

The HX Series 48 and 60 inch prototype units have been subjected to high G force testing for +6 months for millions of cycles.
After the prototypes were built, extensive lab testing was conducted to compare the HX series with the other machines for application performance. 


  • Vertical Springs with a open 2 leg base for ease of cleaning 
  • Lower weights enclosed in motor guard
  • 12 spring Design
  • 16 inch motor pipe used for motor column with 6 motor wedges as standard
  • All new top and bottom weight system
  • Radius corner spouts will be standard
  • Special emphasis was place on making the unit simpler to service and access.
  • Tech Lubes will be standard on all HX series units.
  • All sizes available from 18 inch to 72 inch with scaled drives.
  • All current custom drive and frame modifications available.
  • Meets and in most specifications exceeds all competitior units operational
  • performance characteristics.
HX round seperator
HX new round seperator - see through

The HX series is the platform for future development of “smart” separator.
Some of the future upgrades:

  • New “no gap” design frame
  • New motion monitoring technology
  • New motion control technology
  • New screen break detector