Filter Sheets

Filter sheets of the brand Carlson

Van Borselen has been supplying top quality filter sheets of the Carlson and Filtrox brands for many years. Carlson and Filtrox are one of the leading manufacturers of filter sheets. Carlson and Filtrox design produce a comprehensive set of depth filtration plates these high quality depth filtration media are suitable for the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


Filter Sheets
Platenfilter carlson XE
The Carlson XE filter plates are made of cellulose material. Typical applications of the XE series are filtration of wines, beers, syrups, and cosmetics. where longevity, sterility, stability, and clarity are essential.
Filterplaat filtrox carlson XS
Filter sheets for the filtration of food and beverages. Available in different finenesses and sizes.
Filterplaten cellulose
Carlson has developed these all-cellulose filter plates specifically for a number of specific applications, particularly for filtration of high viscosity liquids. The EE series is produced in thicknesses ranging from 1.00 to 4.60 mm.
Cellulose Filterplaten
A cellulose filter plate specially designed for depth filtration. Available in 20x20,40x40,60x60 and in a many different micronages.
Filterplaten cake filtratie
A specially developed support filter plate which is washable. This type of plate is particularly suitable if you use the filter plate for cake filtration.
Actiefkool filterplaten
Filter sheets impregnated with activated carbon for the deodorization and decolorization of liquids. Available in 7 different activated carbon grades.
Filterplaten Filtrox fibrafix
Filter sheets for the filtration of food and industrial applications.
Filtrox Carbofil sheet

Filtersheets impregnated with activated carbon for the deodorization and decolorization of liquids. Available in 9 different activated carbon grades.

cellulose Filterplaten
Filter sheets specially designed for the removal of TCA and TBA from wines and other beverages.
Cellulose Filterplaten Carlson, Filtrox filtrodur 900
These filter sheets are manufactured from specially selected raw materials such as purified and bleached cellulose. This filter sheet is used as a support plate for cake filtration.

Filter sheet

In depth filtration, liquids are forced through the three-dimensional matrix of the sheet. It is within this matrix that the particles are trapped. Depth filters are most often used in applications with higher dirt loads where other "surface" filters do not provide sufficient life. Depth filters typically have a thickness of 3 - 4 mm which is 3000 - 4000 times the size of a 1 micron particle thus enabling the entrapment of millions of microparticles in every square metre of filter area.

Carlson filter sheets series of depth filter sheets comprises a complete range of products tailored specifically for applications where purity and quality are paramount. From the removal of coarse matter through to sterilising filtration, there is a product ideally suited for all applications. All products are carefully formulated to provide particular filtration characteristics. Ongoing investment in manufacturing facilities, coupled with stringent quality management practices (backed up by conformance to ISO9001:2008), ensure consistent product quality. All "white" sheets are laser etched on the outlet / smooth side with grade and batch number for complete traceability; the production date is shown on the external packaging.