BorsoCap-SIP Capsule Filter is designed for use in sterile air and gas filtration in biopharmaceutical and other applications. BorsoCap-SIP Capsules are the only single-use filter capsules that can be sterilized by in-line steaming (SIP).

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More Information

Material PTFE
Application Water, Food and Beverage, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Paint resin and coating
Type Membrane Filter Cartridge

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BorsoCap-SIP (879.34 kB)

Description / BorsoCap-SIP

BorsoCap-SIP Capsules are the first and only single-use filter capsules that can be sterilized by in-line steaming (SIP). These robust filter capsules are an ideal low-maintenance alternative to a stainless steel housing and cartridge assembly, often still considered the only option when a filter must be integrated into an SIP system. Engineered polyetherimide material allows multiple SIP (steam-in-place) cycles at high pressures and temperatures.


Features and Benefits: 


  • In situ Integrity testable by water intrusion test and bubble point test.
  • Steam sterilizable with long service life and low operating Costs.
  • Clear housing for easy venting.
  • Non-removable hose barb drain for safe and hygienic operation.
  • New design sanitary valves.
  • Low installation cost - up to 80% less than a comparable stainless steel system.

Bioreactor filter capsule: 

The Borsocap SIP capsule is specially designed for use in bioreactors. It is a PTFE membrane filter capsule that can be sterilized in situ. The Borsocap SIP filter capsule is made of hydrophobic PTFE membrane and is designed to remove microorganisms and other particles from the air or culture. The filter is made of specially strong materials and is therefore able to withstand high temperatures and a pressure-tight design that allows for the application of high-pressure steam. The Borsocap SIP filter is particularly useful in bioreactor applications where the culture is sensitive to microorganisms and other contaminants, and where it is important to maintain sterile conditions throughout the process. Additionally, the SIP system ensures that the filter remains sterile and efficient over time, which is important for maintaining the integrity of the culture.

In addition to bioreactors, the Borsocap SIP capsule filter can also be used in applications such as cell culture, fermentation and downstream processing, as they provide a reliable and efficient solution for sterilizing and purifying liquids and gases.

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