CBFP filtervessels Pall / FSI:

When looking for a cost-effective single-bag filter vessel that is both durable and reliable, look for the Van Borselen replacemnt for the Pall / FSI CBFP series filter vessels. Although the standard CBFP series vessels (filtergehause) do not carry an ASME Code stamp, you can still realize the benefits of an economic filter vessel that is manufactured to the same high standards and engineering expertise that characterizes all of our products.

Filterhouse material Amount bag filters Filter bag size
304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
Carbon steel
1 bag filters Maat: 1, 2, 3, 4  

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Our Alternative

filterzakken huis meervoudig
The filter houses for multiple filter bags are available up to 12 filter bags in one filter house. This makes the filter housing suitable for very high fluid flows in a compact filter housing. The filter housings can be produced according to your wishes and are supplied in different pressure classes and ATEX.