Filtrox Carbofil sheet

Filtersheets impregnated with activated carbon for the deodorization and decolorization of liquids. Available in 9 different activated carbon grades.

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Material Cellulose
Application Water, Food and Beverage, Chemistry, Pharmacy
Type Filter Sheets
Length 20x20, 40x40, 60x60, 100x100, 120x120

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Description / Filtrox Carbofil sheet

Powdered activated carbons (PAC) play a critical role in a vast and diverse range of applications. Decolorization, deo-dorization or the removal of other trace impurities are amongst the most common applications where PAC are  widely used in the pharmaceutical as well as in the food & beverage industries. Due to their unique adsorption cha-racteristics, PAC are also used in biotechnological processing and the production of fine chemicals. In order to meet these various demands, there are a large number of activated car-bons available, offering different levels of activation, mole-cular structure and purity levels. Using activated carbon in an immobilized form (e.g. in a depth filter sheet or lenticular module) offers significant benefits in handling, cleaning and time (cost savings), compared to using PAC. FILTROX CARBOFIL™ products bring out all the benefits of immobi-lized activated carbon versus PAC. Furthermore, the adsorp-tion efficiency of immobilized activated carbon is higher than with an equivalent amount of bulk PAC.

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