Polyfold Filterbags Pall / FSI

The PolyFold Filter bag is manufactured with extended life felt on both sides. It has a 2.4X additional surface area, which ensures high dirt-holding capacity and ensures a longer durability. There is no risk of liquid bypass, due to the polyloc ring. The mesh cover helps you with the inserting and replacing the filter bag

Pall FSI PolyFold Part numbers:

  • BPOF50P4002P    
  • BPOF50P4001P
  • BPOF10P4002P    
  • BPOF10P4001P
  • BPOF100P4002P  
  • BPOF100P4001P
  • BPOF25P4002P    
  • BPOF400P4001P

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