Protection Of Exhaust Gas Scrubbing Systems

Van Borselen Filters has over 100 years of experience in filtration and seperation. Supplying filter systems for the protection of marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber (EGS) systems is one of our newest experiences.
Protection Of Exhaust Gas Scrubbing Systems

Installing a Van Borselen self-cleaning filter comes with great benefits for ship owners:
It will decrease the running costs and increase the long-term reliability and efficiency of EGS systems.

The majority open loop EGS systems take raw sea water to desulfurize DeSOx from the exhaust gas. Incoming sea water can contain sand, algae, (small) fishes, jellyfish etc.

The standard installed strainer is only ment to protect the pump but doesn’t protect the EGS spray nozzles. Blockingthe spray nozzles will decrease to complete fouling of the scrubbing bed.

Our self-cleaning filter will remove these harmful impurities from the intake seawater and protect the downstream equipment.

In a closed loop system the Van Borselen self-cleaning filter will also protect the plate heat exchanger from clogging, which increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger and decreases maintenance costs.

Below a Van Borselen self-cleaning filter on the Bernoulli principle installed in a EGS-System, size DN300.

Another application for our self-cleaning filters on ships is Ballast Water Management (BWM) System

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