Sieving machines and separators

We supply Round separators

Specializing in Vibro-Energy Separators of high quality, long life and innovative design. We supply the full range of Sweco screening machines and separators. both the rectangular Vibro-Energy screens and round screens. In addition, we re-span screening decks for all brands. Due to our extensive knowledge we are able to select the best screening technology and screening machine for you with optimal settings. By selecting the right screening machine in combination with the screening deck we achieve a very efficient way of screening with a large screening area on a small floor space. Special screening separators for the separation, fractionation, classification of solids and of liquids.

Sieving machines and separators
V-pakking voor Trilzeefmachine
V packing for sealing your screening machine. Available in different sizes and materials.
zeefdekken en zeeframen voor trilzeefmachine
Round and rectangular sieve decks for your vibrating sieve machine. Available in welded version, glued version and Fusion.
Flexibele aansluitmoffen
Flexible connection sleeves in different sizes and materials. For transporting your product to and from the screening machine.


Van Borselen Filters supplies sieving machines in The Netherlands since many decades. We are specialists in Vibro-Energy Round Separators with top quality equipment, innovative design, and exacting standards.  We supply the full range of Sweco products and spare parts. Due to our extensive knowledge we are able to select the best sieving machine with optimum settings.

Round seperators

We supply the newest generation seperators. Currently available in 18-, 24-, 30-, 40-, 48-, 60- and 72-inch diameters, the separator is designed to increase safety, provide stronger construction and allow for a more sanitary process.

Rectangular Separators

Available for a wide range of applications, from the Multi-Motion Rectangular Separators up to the GyraMax Gyratory Sifter

PH06 PharmASep Pharmaceutical Aseptic Separator

SWECO PH06 PharmASep™ Filter Dryers, capable of processing up to 0.65 KG of product in an aseptic environment, are a lab friendly design capable of the complete flexibility that today's R&D laboratories require. 

Sifting machine

The Van borselen Sifter builds on the unparalleled success of the GyraMax line of sifters. Known for their durability, reliability and accuracy of separation, GyraMax sifters are used throughout the world to handle the most demanding screening applications such as activated carbon, fertilizer, frac sand, limestone, petroleum coke, plastic pellets, PVC powder, roofing granules, salt, sugar, and more. Now with the introduction of BigMax, SWECO adds high capacity screening to the list of GyraMax features. The BigMax provides extremely high capacity in a very compact, energy efficient footprint.

Typical applications

Agriculture Sieve Food & Beverage
Biofuel Sieving Laundry
Ceramic sieving Maritime
Chemical sieving Mining & Mineral
Pharmaceutical Plastic
Powder Coating Pulp & Paper
Recycling Shot Peening